Wheelchair ramp slope

Wheelchair Ramp Slope

How to determine the proper ramp length for your wheelchair?

  1. You need to determine the incline that your chair is designed to climb. CNBC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation company ) recommends that wheelchair ramps must be 1 inch rise for every 12 inches of length known as the ( “RUN“: The length of a horizontal surface slope). This makes the slope wheelchair required a 1:12 ratio.
  2. You now need to Measure the distance from the top step or landing to the ground better known as the “RISE“.
  3. Now just try our ramp lengh calculator to help you determine the “Slope Angle” and lengh of the ramp needed.
If the person needs an easier slope , or you can use a 1:16 or 1:20 but before taking such a decision, it is recommended to talk with your therapist .

Switch back

The “Switch back” can be used when you want to save space thus changing the direction of the ramp, but the towers must be either 90 degrees or 180 degrees. If the change of direction is 180 degrees , landing in a wheelchair to be around twice as long as necessary to turn 90 degrees and must not have a slope.

Barriers and railing wheelchair ramps commercial

A wheelchair ramp must have handrails if the end of a ramp is more than 6 inches or a projection extends 72 inches or more horizontally , this can vary depending on your province. The handrails shall extend to and landings . It is recommended , although not necessary , that the barrier at least two centimeters in height are arranged along the edges of the ramp. Although we follow the recommended wheelchair ramps design, it is necessary to check with your local insurance regulations and your occupational therapist .

Wheelchair ramp slope