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Portable ramps for stairs

Climbing the stairs could be a challenge for you or a loved one that is using a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, this is when portable ramps for stairs become handy.

portable-ramp portableramp sidewalkramp

Portable ramps for stairs help you and your loved ones to climb stairs in a breeze.

Portable ramps for stairs
Portable ramps for stairs

These ramps are easy to store and take little time to set-up making it very convenient to bring and use whenever you want to go out. Non-skid marks are very helpful in preventing accidents for it provides friction to the wheels so that they will not slip.

Portable ramps for stairs are also used by house movers when there is no lift available. Carrying bulky items from one level to another could be difficult so trolleys are used to make the task easier. These trolleys use stair ramps for convenience and efficiency. These ramps are available in different sizes and designs depending on your needs and preferences.

Avantages of your portable ramps for stairs

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Great when visiting family and friends
  • Aluminum
  • Buy only the length that you need