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Wheelchair Ramps Canada

Wheelchair Ramps Canada have become more popular as an alternative for wood ramps since it has been phased out in 2002. They are more cost-effective and more environment-friendly for they are non-toxic.clients

Wheelchair ramps Canada
Wheelchair ramps Canada

Our ramps are lightweight but very durable and sturdy, making it ideal to be used to access barriers for dollies, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and even the heavy forklift. Most of the time, ramps have a non-skid surface that provides excellent grip for wheelchairs and other users therefore preventing accidents. Our Portable wheelchair ramps do not rust that is why they are guaranteed to last for a long time. These Portable ramps are also easy to re-use when they serve for a different purpose. Our ramps are very flexible; they can be fixed or can be portable.

Before going out and purchasing a ramp, you can use our Wheelchair ramp slope to determine the length of the ramp needed as a guide BUT we recommend you to talk with your therapist first as well as your local and the Canada mortgage and housing corporation